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Save Over $5,000 On Your Next Vacation!

What would you do with another $5,000 to spend on your next vacation?

Travel the globe with International Vacation Home Exchange (IVHE) and you can save money on your next vacation.  Our members enjoy an average savings of $5,318 during a 2 weeks vacation. 

House Exchanging opens a whole new world of options for you to travel the world and live like a local.  With IVHE's unique program you can choose to stay for short or long stays in cities and villages all over the world.  Visit How It Works for more details.  You have options of visiting exclusive large homes or small chic apartments.  Our members' properties include an array of styles and choices including beach properties, ski chalets, game lodges and even yachts. Enjoy a vacation with all the conveniences and benefits of staying in a home.

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  • You have a choice of Credit (non-simultaneous) Trades, Direct Home Swaps or Both
  • Travel Coordinators are available to arrange your luxury trades / exchanges and travel plans.
  • You can Feel secure with our unique 4 Star Verification system.
  • Home Swap and trade vacations with property owners just like you.
  • Non-simultaneous house swaps give you more choices and flexibility when planning your vacation.
  • Need more convincing?  Listen to what our Home Exchange members say.
  • Try us now - from only $13.25 per month (cancel any time). 

Why spend too much money for your vacations?  Leverage your current home(s) and join IVHE to save thousands on travel accommodation.   With IVHE you not only save money, you also have the choice of many types, sizes and locations of properties.   Join IVHE today. 


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Benefits of IVHE

10 Benefits of Joining IVHE

-          Choice of Direct or Non-Simultaneous trades

-          Travel Coordinators help plan your vacation

-          4 Star Verification for your security

-          Great search options, including vacation themes

-          Prime Time weeks for choosing available weeks

-          Easy to use website with chat and phone support

-          Credit system allows maximum flexibility for you

-          Club Members only area with personal profiles

-          Your option of enhanced Platinum benefits

-          Save thousands on your next vacation.