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Thailand home exchange property #0939

#0939: Thailand, Cherngtalay

Boutique hotel, Resort, B&B (multi unit)

from 40 credits

2 unit(s) | sleeps up to 11

8.008569 98.293335 0939
Thailand home exchange property #1020

#1020: Thailand, Phuket, Bang Tao Beach


27 to 41 credits

3 beds | sleeps 8 | 2 baths | 2 half baths

7.990656 98.293289 1020
Thailand home exchange property #1100

#1100: Thailand, Phuket, Bang Tao Beach


11 credits

1 beds | sleeps 2 | 1 baths

8.007300 98.298080 1100
Thailand home exchange property #1311

#1311: Thailand, Bangkok


6 to 7 credits

2 beds | sleeps 6 | 1.5 baths

13.811798 100.573318 1311

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Indonesia home exchange property #0022

#0022: Indonesia, Nusa Dua


from 28 credits

7 unit(s) | sleeps up to 39

Philippines home exchange property #0476

#0476: Philippines, Philippines


10 credits

6 beds | sleeps 7 | 2 baths

Philippines home exchange property #0477

#0477: Philippines, Philippines


10 credits

4 beds | sleeps 5 | 2 baths

Korea, Republic of home exchange property #1500

#1500: Korea, Republic of, Yongsan-gu, Seoul


7 to 10 credits

5 beds | sleeps 8 | 4 baths

37.541714 126.994377 1500
India home exchange property #0363

#0363: India, Goa, Majorda

Boutique hotel, Resort, B&B

from 4 credits

7 unit(s) | sleeps up to 14

India home exchange property #1257

#1257: India, Goa, North Goa


2 beds | sleeps 6 | 2 baths

15.574202 73.766609 1257
Israel home exchange property #1073

#1073: Israel, Jerusalem


3 beds | sleeps 7 | 2 baths

31.804600 35.239868 1073
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Home Exchange Quick Tips

Tips for a Successful Vacation Home Exchanges & Trades

Be Flexible

The easiest way make a house swap happen, especially last minute, is by being flexible with locations and dates.  Having an open mind gives you a wealth of choices and you could end up somewhere exciting that you had never thought about.  Step into someone else’s lifestyle and let the world surprise you. 

 Start Small

Start with the idea of a small party or immediate family and then, if you secure a bigger property, invite others to join you.  Big groups can get complicated because it limits possibilities and it can be difficult to find dates and locations that work for everyone.

 Move Quickly

To take advantage of last minute swaps for summer, timing is important.  If you find something available move fast to get your travel plans in place as you can't expect a host to have you pencilled in for long.  

Be Accurate

Take the time to create an accurate and telling description of your house and community.   Sell your location by sharing information on interesting things to do and see in your area that only the locals are aware of. Use our Google map to insert places of interest around your property.

 Leave Instructions

Provide a notebook with operating instructions for the various appliances, electronics, and hardware around your home.  

Inform your Insurance Agent

Talk to your insurance agent about your exchange plans.  Most insurance companies are happy to know that a house won’t be left empty and guests will generally be covered under your policy, but it is always good to check.  

Find a reputable home exchange service

Home exchange services not only provide a forum to connect with fellow home exchangers, they can also provide a level of security.  International Vacation Home Exchange- IVHE, who specializes in Worldwide Luxury home exchanges, provides a detailed contract to protect both parties.   References are also required to become part of this private home exchange club and feedback is posted by members about their recent trades.  

 About International Vacation Home Exchange- IVHE

IVHE specializes in Luxury Vacation Exchanges. A versatile credit system based on non-simultaneous trade-exchanges gives members access to an uncommonly broad selection of choice properties and has the advantage of not needing to find another person who want to visit their property.  With the addition of Dubai, Bequia, Phuket, and Cabo San Lucus, International Vacation Home Exchange now provides its members year-round access to luxury vacation homes on 6 Continents and in 56 Countries.  IVHE members have access to luxury-staffed villas, yachts, ski lodges, boutique hotels and even safari game lodges. Add to that highly individual and personal service given to all members, and IVHE is the 1st choice for luxury home exchange.

Photo tips for your home exchange property

A couple of Tips for Amazing Photos

 We live in the age of the photograph. A quick browse through any Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account proves that people are taking and sharing pictures of everything from the mundane to the magnificent. Why? Quite simply, because we can. Today's cell phones and digital cameras have made it easy to preserve any moment in time.

There is a difference, however, between an average photo and one that's truly outstanding in style and quality. Following a few simple tips can take your pictures from so-so to splendid in short order.

 Be Still

 One of the simplest ways to take clear pictures is to use a tripod. It keeps your camera absolutely still and results in a blur-free image that you can't get when snapping by hand. Additionally, setting the timer function can eliminate even the small blur that sometimes occurs when pushing the button.

 When taking pictures for the IVHE site, be sure the camera is on the highest resolution setting and use no less than 72 dots per inch of resolution when posting. The internet was meant to show off your location with big, bold pictures.

Look out for more tips next week...