IVHE Policies and procedures

Policies & Procedures for IVHE

1. Credit system, earning and using credits:

a. General

All credit values are based on US dollars, all weekly rental values will be converted to US dollars from any other currencies, it will be converted on the day we list your property at that day's exchange rate.

The credit values can be updated periodically to reflect the current rental value, or due to any improvements made to the property.

All credit values are based on week-long stays unless otherwise specified. However, if a host is willing to make a property available for less than a week, we will pro-rata the number of credits both earned and deducted.

Each qualifying property is allocated a credit value based on the weekly vacation rental value of that property. If the property is not a vacation rental property, credit values can be assessed using the weekly rental value of an equivalent property in the same area.

The credit value system is simple, 1 credit to each $100 US. For example: if the weekly vacation rental value of a property were $1,000 US, then the Credit Value given to that property would be 10.

b. Earning Credits

i. Hosting another member in your property.

Whenever you host another IVHE member in your property for a week, you earn credits equal to the credit value of your property. For instance, if your property value is 10-Credits, every time you host an IVHE member for a week, you receive 10 Credits in your Credits Account.

ii. Referring a Qualifying Property.

If you refer a New Qualifying Member to IVHE you receive half the credit value of the new member's property, when the new member hosts another member for the first time.

c. Using Your Credits

Every property in IVHE is given a weekly credit value and each member is given a credits account. To be able to stay in a particular property, you must have at least as many credits in your credits account as the credit value of that property. For instance, if you want to stay in a 10 - credit property you must have at least 10 credits in your account.

When you stay in another member's property, credits of the value equal to the number of credits allocated to that property will be deducted from your credit account. For instance, if you stay in a 10 - credit property, then 10 credits will be deducted from your credit account.

2. Booking a property:

First you need to have a look through our list of members properties, when you find a property you are interested in, complete a trade request in the IVHE members area. We will then contact the owner to see if it is available for that time and proceed with any other inquires you may have about the property.

We will then forward each member the others contact information so that final details & arrangements can be made. Once a suitable property is found and both members agree to a trade, we will send both members a trade agreement. This agreement is made between the two agreeing members.

An invoice for the arrangement fee is then sent out to be paid by the guest member to IVHE. The credits will be deducted from the guest credit account and credited to the host's account.

Credits Back deals: Once  the trade agreement has been finalised we will return the agreed  percentage of credits back to your IVHE account. The processing fee will be due from the total credits on the agreement.

3. How the Arrangement fee is calculated:

IVHE Pricing for 2015   

To best serve you, our members, we continually benchmark our pricing with the market.  For our luxury segment, we are pleased to let you know that we are holding our membership fee at the same level for 2015.  We have not increased these for 4 years. 

When making a credit trade, the Arrangement Fee will be 9% of the value.  Example, if using 20 credits (valued at $2,000) for a trade, the Arrangement Fee would be only $180, still saving you 91%.  The minimum amount for an Arrangement Fee will be US$ 95.  This fee is effective for all trades from 15th January 2015.  

4. As a Member:

(a) Your obligations to IVHE are to:

Provide us with your full name, address and phone / fax numbers.

Provide us with an accurate, full description of the property and the weekly vacation rental value that can be verified.

You agree that your property is well maintained & the description that we have on the web page for your listing is accurate.

Provide us with a minimum of 4 good quality photos of your property and or surrounding area;
You assert that the photos are your own property and/or you have the publishing rights to said photos.

You agree to the use of photographs you provide for our web site and permission is granted to reproduce and use any of the photographs for commercial copying, hiring, lending and in any other promotional capacity we see fit for promoting IVHE.com.

Provide us with 2 references, preferably from guests who have stayed in your property, either through rental or exchange.

Supply your guest a comprehensive "guide" to your property as well as instruction manuals for appliances and emergency contact numbers. (Any additional local information would also be nice to have at the property for your guest.)

(b) Your obligations to IVHE Hosting members are to:

Respect members' properties and to be responsible for any damages that might incur during your stay in host members' properties.

To report any breakage or damage when you leave and reimburse the host for any cost of replacing or repairing.

Although the final cleaning is usually included (unless otherwise stated), the property is to be left in a tidy clean condition.

To reimburse the host for the cost of any calls made from the host's phone.

Maximum number of guests: You agree to abide by the number of persons indicated in the trade agreement. Unless requested in advance and agreed to by the host, guests exceeding this number will not be accepted.

You agree to honour any restrictions, rules and requests made by the host in regards to the property, e. i. No smoking inside or no pet's etc.

Host may, if so desired, arrange to collect a damage deposit from the Guest.

 (c) Your obligations to IVHE visting members:

The Host should return the damage deposit to the Guest within two weeks of the exchange less any major damages or telephone charges. Minor incidental damages are considered from normal use and should not be considered for deduction. Failure to return a damage deposit without proof of major damage will result in automatic termination of the membership

Host will provide any utility service that is ordinarily available to the vacation home, including electricity, natural gas (if normally available), water, sewer, and local telephone service.

 (d) General

Any member failing to honour all of the above agreements in a manner satisfactory to all concerned loses his or her membership. If we have a minor complaint from a host/guest regarding how their property was treated or presented, we will issue a warning to the member. If we receive a second complaint after the warning, the membership will be terminated immediately.

6. Cancellation & Changes of dates

Cancellations from either guest or host is a very serious matter as flight and other arrangements have been made around the agreed dates.

Therefore the cancelling member is subject to loosing his or her membership. However, there sometimes can be exceptional circumstances where it is unavoidable and only if the matter can be solved in an agreeable way by all parties concerned may it be possible to maintain the membership.


Changes that the HOST and Guest AGREE TO: If the host and guest can work out a mutually suitable dates between them there is $50US administration fee for changes to the agreement due from the member requesting the change. If the changes are negotiated by IVHE there is a administration fee of $75 to $250US from the member requesting the change.

Should the guest cancel the booking, the credits and transaction fee will be refunded, less an administration fee of 50% of the original administration fee or $75US which ever is the greater, ONLY if we manage to find another member to take over that week, otherwise the transaction fee and credits will be due regardless.

Should the host cancel a trade all credits and transaction fees will be refunded to the guest if an alternative property is not found. There will be an IVHE administration fee due from the HOST of $250US or the original transaction fee, whichever is the greater. The host may need to compensate the guest if we cannot find a suitable alternative property with the same credit value.

7. Membership:

The only way you can lose your membership is by breaking the terms and conditions and the rules set out in this document of International Vacation Home Exchange or you terminate it yourself.

If you wish to stop your membership but still have credits in the system that you want use, you must maintain your membership. You are bound by the terms & conditions of this document. You just need to let us know that you do not wish to host during the run off period. Once a membership is cancelled all credits die with the membership.

Purchased Credits are valid for 1 year from the date of issue. All other credits are valid for 3 years from the time you receive a Credit Contribution. You may be able to extend this in some circumstances.

If you property is unavailable for a longer period of time, i.e. you decide to rent it out for a longer period of time or for any other reason, your membership is unaffected but it would be good if you could let us know of any such changes so we do not make unnecessary inquiries, and we can post a notice on your web page or put the page on hold.

We reserve the right to change our Policies & Procedures at any time.

Our commitments to you

We continually update the website to make your search experience easy and fulfilling.

We search for the right properties for you in both well-travelled and exotic areas.  International Vacation Home Exchange is focused on Quality. 

We keep a database of our members and their amount of ivhe credit.  We never share this database with third parties.

We aim to respond to e-mail's or phone enquiries in less than 24 hours, and would like members to do the same where possible.  We are happy to make phone enquiries.

If we do not have a member in the location you would like to visit, let us know and we will put every effort into finding a suitable property owner who would like to become a member and exchange with you.