IVHE Home Exchange Helping the Philipines

IVHE helps Victims of Typhoon Haiyan

  • Buy 1 IVHE credit at any price over $10 (equivelent to $100 of vacation time) and IVHE will give 100% of the amount to the village.*

A note from Eva an IVHE member helping 60 families to rebuild their homes and lives after their village was flattened by Typhoon Haiyan.

 “The fishing village is mostly flattened, most have lost their homes.  As you probably saw in the news there are a lot of efforts being done in many big towns but it's the small fishing villages that need the most help.  We are doing our share and have organized food reliefs -- there are 60 families that we are helping.  A medical mission will also follow, and the 3rd step is to give assistance by providing corrugated roofs so they can start rebuilding their homes. 

Our efforts are small but they reach the beneficiaries directly.  This will be a continuing effort on our part and we would be happy to accept any help you can extend.

Our area was hit badly as we are in the northern part of Cebu. Our caretaker Raul and Rosalie lost their home, and they have been staying in the separate kitchen with temp roof since the typhoon.  we lost the roofs of the beach house at the first hour of the typhoon. The tall tree in between the living room and the guest rooms, died a heroic death by falling straight in the water sparing the 2 houses.  We called him Siegfried.”

 Let us know if you would like to take part in helping this village directly..

Here is how you can help. The IVHE community have decided to take special interest in helping this fishing village.
Funds raised from the special offer will go direct to the people to help rebuild their lives.  Here is your chance to build your credits and help others:

  • *Buy one IVHE credit at any price over $10 (equivelent to $100 of vacation time) and IVHE will give 100% of the amount to the village.
  • Buy any additional credits at a price of $50 and we will give the village 20% of the amount ($10 per credit) purchased
  • Buy bundles of 10 credits for a special price of $385 and IVHE will donate $85 per bundle.  

This is a great way to boost your credits and allow you to visit the property of your dreams in 2014, while helping at the same time!  
Contact Suzie@ivhe.com to take advantage of these great offers.  These offers end the 31st December 2013 and a maximum of three bundles per member applies. These offers are available to all members and are not included in any premium packages.

IVHE Home exchange helps Cebu

Tabogon fishing village

Tabogon fishing village, near home exchange villa
Tabogon fishing village, near home swap villa
Tabogon fishing village, near home exchange villa