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IVHE is delighted to announce that we have partnered with Vast Travel Limited.

VAST is a brand new state-of-the-art technology platform aiming to simplify the exchange experience for its members. In addition, members will now benefit from a range of new features, improved availability and an enhanced selection of carefully curated homes, managed  residences, luxury hotels and experiences. 

VAST has agreed to welcome all exisiting IVHE members into the new VAST exchange ecosystem. All IVHE members should have received an email inviting you to create a profile, review your property's listing and confirm your VAST membership. If you have not received an invite, please contact us through the VAST website.

For any new membership requests, please navigate to www.intothevast.com. We look forward to providing you with an enhanced exchange experience and welcoming you into the VAST!

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Featured Home Exchange Property: #0342: South Africa, Mpumalanga

"Game Lodge Home Exchange in a Private Game Reserve"

Those of a certain age may fondly recall Tarzan, King of the Jungle and the Saturday movie matinee. Though born to the manor, he was orphaned in the jungles of Africa and raised by a motherly gorilla. His was a primitive paradise. He lived off the land  in a treehouse with his chimpanzee companion, Cheeta. At dusk, they would sit on the treehouse terrace, share coconut milk and bananas, and watch the stunning sunset as the herd animals below became quiet and the predators began to stir. 

Although Tarzan would have an occasional run-in with a nasty crocodile or a rogue gorilla, he was friends with most of the animals; he spoke their language. If he was ever in a bind, he could summon them to his rescue with the clarion call of his famous Tarzan yell. His only serious conflicts came from poachers, hell bent on killing elephants, his friends, for their ivory tusks, and the incursions of Bwana Devils (white men) in search of native treasure. Of course, Tarzan would always beat them back and save the day. And Cheeta provided the closing levity with a Chimpanzee laugh and a sumersault.  Fade out.

Fiction though it may be, the idyllic life of Tarzan – communing with nature and coexisting peacefully with animals -- stirred the imagination of people of all ages; including the developers of Kudu Game Ranch, a private game ranch with eco-friendly homesites nested in the beautiful wooded mountains of the highveld in Mpumalanga Province, South Africa. One of those homesites  is owned by IVHE home exchangers who invite you to share their unique African experience.  

This thatched roof game lodge offers the same spectacular views of the landscape and animals that Tarzan had, plus his freedom from the electronic addictions of modern life -– internet, wifi, television, DVD, VCR, CD player.  

Spend your days exploring the spectacular scenery of this 6,000 hectare farm, its two waterfalls, wetlands teeming with waterfowl, and two rivers well stocked with fish. Consider doing it on horseback. Rental horses are available and can be ridden among the game for a closer look than normal since they don’t see horses as a threat.

There are over 1,100 head of game on the farm including buffalo, white rhino, leopard, sable, giraffe, zebra, eland, hippo, crocodile and numerous other antelope species. Lions and elephants are not on the farm, but you will find them, and hundreds of other species, in Kruger National Park, the mother of all wildlife parks, an hour’s drive away.

Instead of watching TV in the evening, grill a steak on the outdoor braai (bbq) next to the house, enjoy it on a large open patio area or on the covered patio leading from the lounge. Then kick back with a beer or bottle of excellent South African wine and listen to the sounds of the African night under a sky of countless stars.

Civilization – the town of Lydenburg -- is just 12 kilometers away if you need to buy provisions, enjoy a nice dinner out, or shop for souvenirs.

This home is roughing it, but with a bit of style. It may just be the thing for getting back in touch with tranquility and your inner Tarzan.  Learn more details and see pictures by clicking the property # above.  If you own a vacation home and are not familiar with the International Vacation Home Exchange, explore this site further at ABOUT US and HOW IT WORKS