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Hoteliers are trading their empty rooms for luxury holidays around the world

Attention travel business owners!  We can make it easy for you to enjoy a vacation at a fraction of the cost! 

Anyone in the hospitality business will tell you that the hours are long, the work is hard and the days off are precious and few.  You work hard managing your property or properties so enjoy your time off by staying at great locations while saving a fortune.  That's right.  You can leverage your empty rooms for luxury holidays around the world.  Room swaps and trading is a hot new trend for people just like you, owners and managers of boutique hotels, resorts, inns and B&Bs. 

Let's face it, there are times when vacancies occur.  By making vacant rooms available to an established global membership of travellers, hotel owners can earn credits to use for enjoying other exclusive properties around the world saving thousands of pounds, euros and dollars! 

International Vacation Home Exchange (ivhe.com) specialises in offering non-simultaneous trades for owners of second homes.   In recent months, we began welcoming owners of boutique hotels, inns, resorts and bed & breakfasts to enjoy the benefits of membership.  Dozens, like you, have already joined, clearly keen to make the most out of guest rooms that sometimes sit empty. It's easy. When IVHE members stay at your properties, you can then, at a time convenient for you, use the credits anywhere in the network - be it a ski chalet in France, a beach villa in the Caribbean, a city-centre house in Manhattan, or a room at one of the other boutique hotels listed on the IVHE website.  

The beauty of membership is that non-simultaneous exchanges are tailored specifically to the needs of people like you.  The concept remains ingeniously simple: an IVHE member stays at your property, you earn credits.  You, at your leisure, then use your credits to ‘pay’ for a stay in any other member’s second home, saving thousands in accommodation costs.  See how it works.  

Second-home owners, in more than 70 countries, have become IVHE members and completed thousands of successful trades and swaps.  Owners say ‘they are thrilled to be able to fund their own vacations with credits earned on properties that would otherwise be vacant.’  Hear from IVHE members. 

Leverage your vacant rooms to enjoy an exclusive vacation at times convenient for you.  With properties around the globe, the choice is yours. 

Enjoy your next vacation and start room swapping now!

10 Benefits of Joining IVHE

-          Choice of Direct or Non-Simultaneous trades

-          Travel Coordinators help plan your vacation

-          4 Star Verification for your security

-          Great search options, including vacation themes

-          Prime Time weeks for choosing available weeks

-          Easy to use website with chat and phone support

-          Credit system allows maximum flexibility for you

-          Club Members only area with personal profiles

-          Your option of enhanced Platinum benefits

-          Save thousands on your next vacation.

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