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Do you want to explore the world while saving thousands of dollars, euros, pounds or yen on your next vacation? 

Home Exchange is the answer. This quick and essential guide answers more than 'Why Home Exchange?' 

The following topics are covered:

  • Learn about different types of home swaps
  • How to find the right house exchange network for you
  • How to get an trade
  • How to ready your home for an exchange
  • Making most of your next vacation 

In addition, you will get helpful hints and tips for house swapping that include:

  • 10 Things to Avoid
  • Your House Exchange Membership Checklist
  • A sample Exchange Agreement for you.

If you are new to house swaps, this guide is a great introduction.  For those of you that are experienced traders, it will give you new ideas to consider for enhancing your travel with home exchanging.

Enjoy for yourself or forward to a friend or relative that is interested.

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Collections of Vacation Properties

Vacation Home Exchange- IVHE changes the way home swap is done.

International Vacation Home Exchange- IVHE changes the way home swap is done.  You have a choice, direct exchanges or credit trades.

Trades: No longer must home exchangers coordinate schedules and destinations to take advantage of the cost savings of a home swap.  IVHE's non-reciprocal trading gives members the freedom to choose a location without the ties of a direct house swap.  You can use another member's home even if they choose not to use your home, allowing for complete flexibility of dates and versatility of location.

IVHE's trades are based on a credit system that allows for non-simultaneous home swaps to any location that captures a member’s interest.  Each property is assigned a credit value based on its potential weekly rental income.  A luxury apartment in New York City, for example, may be given a higher credit value than a country cottage in France.  Home owners earn credits each time another member stays at their property.  The earned credits are then used as payment when visiting another member’s vaction property.  Properties do not have to home exchange on a like-for-like basis, members can save up points for an ‘expensive’ exchange or use their credits for multiple ‘less expensive’ exchanges, providing greater and more interesting choices. 

IVHE provides a solution to the number one complaint of traditional home swaps: timing your holiday around someone else’s schedule. Julie, a member of IVHE says “getting credit for having a family stay in our vacation home and then using that to go wherever we want is the most innovative improvement on home exchanging since it was invented“.  IVHE specializes in the premium sector of the vacation and second property market, and provides members access to luxury staffed villas, yachts, ski lodges, city condos, boutique hotels and even safari game lodges.

Home Exchange /trade tips;

Be Honest 

Take the time to create an accurate and telling description of your house and community.   Sell your location by sharing information on interesting things to do and see in your area that only the locals are aware of. 

Be Flexible

The easiest way to make a house swap happen, especially last minute, is by being flexible with locations and dates. Being open minded gives you a wealth of choices and you could end up somewhere exciting that you had never thought about.  Step into someone else’s lifestyle and let the world surprise you. 

Start Small

Start with the idea of a small party or immediate family and then, if you secure a bigger property, invite others to join you.  Big groups can get complicated because it limits possibilities and it can be difficult to find dates and locations that work for everyone.

Move Fast

To take advantage of last minute home exchange for summer, timing is important.  If you find something available move fast to get your travel plans in place as you can't expect a host to have you pencilled in for long.  

Leave Instructions

Provide a notebook with operating instructions for the various appliances, electronics, and hardware around your home.