FAQ on Home Exchange


Can I use my primary home for exchanges in the iVHE system?

Do I get to contact other IVHE Home Exchange members before the trade?

Do you do direct home exchanges?

We would like to list more than one property, is this allowed?

How many exchanges / trades will I get in a year?

Do you take on resort property or time-shares?

When I rent out my property I usually ask for a damage deposit, can I do that when trading with IVHE Home Exchange members?

I have my own agreement, can I use it?

Is my property safe when home exchanging?

Credits exchange

Does my property qualify for IVHE Home Exchanges?

I do not rent out my holiday home; how many credits might I get?

What is the process of a trade?

I can only take so many holidays, what happens if I have enough credits and don't need any more for the time being?

Can I let my family or friends use my credits?

What happens if my guests cancel their home swap at the last minute?

What happens if I have to cancel my trip at the last minute?