IVHE Privacy policy

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously and make solid committments to all our members.

We NEVER give out your email address without your consent. Anyone wishing to contact you must do so initially through International Vacation Home Exchange. This ensures we are able to filter out the inevitable junk mail so you will only get emails related to your listing and not unwanted spam.

We NEVER give out your home address or contact details, until a trade is agreed, otherwise the information is strictly for our internal use only.

We NEVER sell your details on to another party.

We will NEVER pass on your details to other agencies.

Our commitments to you

We continually update the website to make your search experience easy and fulfilling.

We search for the right properties for you in both well-travelled and exotic areas.  International Vacation Home Exchange is focused on Quality. 

We keep a database of our members and their amount of ivhe credit.  We never share this database with third parties.

We aim to respond to e-mail's or phone enquiries in less than 24 hours, and would like members to do the same where possible.  We are happy to make phone enquiries.

If we do not have a member in the location you would like to visit, let us know and we will put every effort into finding a suitable property owner who would like to become a member and exchange with you.