International Vacation Home Exchange

International Vacation Home Exchange

Our aim is to offer a personal service to all members.  Most importantly, our credits system means that you never have to arrange a simultaneous home exchange, giving you much greater flexibility with your holiday plans.  Our members are owners of second / vacation homes with properties in over 50 countries around the world.   

A few things that make us special:

Non-simultaneous home exchange: The timing of your holiday is not guided by anyone else's schedule. You may want a one-week stay while another member may want a two-week stay at your property. International Vacation Home Exchange makes this possible.  You have the option of leveraging your vacation home to see the world. 

Wider range of vacation options: Your property can be exchanged with any type or size of property using our credits system and everyone benefits. You do not have to exchange on a like-for-like basis, giving you greater flexibility and more interesting choices. This means, as an example, you can home swap your 5 bedroom Caribbean paradise for a smaller 2 bedroom luxury apartment in London while still having remaining credits to use on another holiday.  Enjoy the options of vacationing in a vibrant city, exploring the country from a villa, skiing the slopes, relaxing on the beach, cruising on a yacht, or even an adventurous safari.

4 Star Exchange Verification: Never thought home exchange was for you?  Our unique 4 Star Exchange Verification program gives you peace of mind knowing you are part of an exclusive private members club.  Guests to your house are like-minded property owners. You are provided with feedback, references, and professional home exchange contracts.  Verification includes by Phone Call, Personal Identification, Property ID and confirmation as an experienced Trader / Exchanger.  Members can choose with whom they want to trade and often create new friendships.    

We all share a great love of travelling and are keen to enable our members to travel the world in comfort and style while saving you thousands of dollars, euros, yuan, pounds, yen, pesos…..

Suzie Magnus, Founder, LinkedIn
An experienced professional in the real estate and property development business, Suzie founded IVHE in 2003 to offer owners of second homes an innovative way to travel the world.  By combining internet technology with personal service she gives our members the best possible home exchange experience – offering flexibility, choice and excellent service with a personal touch.

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