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Direct Home Swaps and Credit Trades

Save Thousands on Your Vacations- Home Exchange with IVHE

Direct home exchange: Log into your secure member’s area, look though all the exclusive properties around the world, make contact with other owners via secure messaging, and start home swapping!

Credit trades to travel: Home exchange with credits is simple and works best for those who have more than one property. You earn credits when another member stays in your property; you then use those credits to stay in any other member’s property.

For example: You let Kate stay in your villa in the Caribbean. With the credits you earn, you stay in Will's ski chalet in Colorado, Will goes to Sara’s condo in Thailand, and so on..

Your home exchange / trade property has a credit value based on its potential Weekly Vacation Rental Value. The property does not need to be a rental home.
The Credit trade system is simple:     $100 = 1 credit
                                                           $1,000 = 10 credits
                                                           $10,000= 100 credits and so on.

Earning extra credits: Introduce us to new members and receive up to 5 free credits per referral (worth $500 of vacation time) and your friend (new person joining) will also receive up to 5 free credits.  As an added bonus, when your friend (referral) trades the first time, you will also get another 50% of that trade's credit value.  Hear from our IVHE members. 

Saving money on accommodation costs are just one of the many benefits of joining IVHE.  

Love home swapping? Try it with IVHE home exchange and start saving straight away.

We returned from a fantastic IVHE home exchange trip to London and Copenhagen. My husband commented on the trip, "This is the only way we are going to travel from now on!" I agree!

Sommer 04 Jul 2013 #0699

The IVHE team were incredibly helpful from the beginning to locate the accommodation and to provide additional concierge services that added to our experience of the area . 

Charles B #0756, #0625, #0568, #0567, #0318


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Save Thousands on Vacations

Avoid high accommodation cost, spend it on having fun!

Non-simultaneous Credit Exchanges

Benefit of flexible scheduling with more destinations.

Free Simultaneous Exchanges

Swap as many times as you like for free.

Unlimited Properties

No limit on the number of properties you can list.

Secure Member to Member Communication

4* Star Verification

Phone verified members
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Experienced exchangers

Exchange Agreement

Tailor our exchange agreement to suit you.

Personal Profiles

Get to know your hosts and guests.

Over 50's Only

Trades and Exchanges with over 50's members only.

Travel Immediately

Participate in our unique Prime Time program and get credits to use from day one.


We Do It For You

You have a personal travel coordinator to find & organize your luxury home exchanges.

Credits Protection Program

Whatever life brings in the way of your vacation, your credits are protected.


Personal Travel Researcher

Looking for the best restaurants or things to see and do? Let our Travel researcher help you!

Top Up Credits

Ability to buy top up credits if you don't quite have enough.



Option of only receiving requests from ID verified home exchange members.

Listing Expert Team

Save time and let our listing team set up your property for you.

Membership pricing

$13.25 per month or $159 per year

$13.25 per month or $159 per year

$31.25 per month or $375 per year

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Benefits of Exchanging vs Renting

You rent your vacation property, so why home exchange?

You can do both.  Almost all vacation homes have vacancies.  Turn those vacancies into valuable IVHE Credits that you can enjoy using around the world.  You can still continue to rent out your property, by also listing in IVHE, you can earn credits for weeks not rented.  Remember with IVHE you get the full value as if renting, allowing you the choose and visit new vacation locations.   

With IVHE's unique Prime Time offer, you are guaranteed to receive credits, just like a rental booking, but with no chance of a cancellation.  This is an ideal option for you to start planning your next vacation with IVHE now.   If you have a rental cancellation, try lising your property on our Last Minute Availability promotions. 

If you have a holiday villa, hotel, cottage, yacht, lodge, cabin or any type of vacation rental and like travelling yourself, then our home exchange credits system can give you more value than your vacation rental income.  IVHE gives you the option of turning your one property into hundreds while saving you money.  

Booking a property

How to request a Credit Trade or Direct Swap

How to request a Credit Trade or Direct Swap

Log into your members area. Have a look at the stunning IVHE Home Exchange members' properties, find a property you would like to visit, and submit a Trade Request or a Direct Swap request.

For Trades: Your personal trade coordinator will contact the owner to see if it is available for the time requested. We do all the work for you! Once a suitable property is found, you and the owner confirm the trade, we will send both IVHE Home Exchange members a trade agreement. The host signs it first then it will come to you, you then have up to 7 days to finalise travel arrangements before having to sign the agreement. The host has already agreed.

When making a credit trade, effective 15th January 2015, the Arrangement Fee is only 9% of the value.  Example, if using 20 credits (valued at $2,000) for a trade, the Arrangement Fee is only $180, still saving you 91%, or in this case $1,820!  The minimum amount for an Arrangement Fee is only US$ 95.  

For a Direct Swap: Use the direct home swap box in your members area to send them a message, it's that simple, if you would like the same personal service as for a credits trade, let us know, the process and fee is the same.

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IVHE  has helped us connect with members across the world. My partner and I thoroughly recommend IVHE as one of the best, most effective exchange websites in existence. Thanks to IVHE we have stayed in wonderful vacation properties all over the world.

Richard #0428

I highly recommend IVHE as an international home exchange service. It offers a different concept. We've  explored so many different places. The service has been phenomenal, very personal and prompt and we've had only excellent results from IVHE.

Susan Kelly #0128

We aim to respond to e-mail's or phone enquiries in less than 24 hours, and would like members to do the same where possible.  We are happy to make phone enquiries.