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IVHE Vacation Home Exchange Team

Welcome to IVHE- International Vacation Home Exchange. We are a friendly team of professionals who care passionately about making your home exchange experience the best possible, keen to enable our members to travel the world in comfort and style while saving thousands of dollars/ pounds.

Established in 2003, IVHE-International Vacation Home Exchange is a well-respected British company with an enviable reputation for professionalism, integrity and high quality service. 

Our mission is to keep our services simple and our members happy:

Although predominantly an online business, we totally understand that in an age of electronic information overload and internet home exchange advertising portals, many people appreciate a more conventional approach to customer service. No problem. IVHE offers members a one-to-one customer service as well as the option of using our sophisticated online search, trade/exchange requests and information portals. The choice is yours. 
We love to hear from you. We want to guide our members to the 'very best of home exchange & trading experience.' If something goes right or wrong, we need to know!

Suzie Magnus, Founder, LinkedIn
As an experienced professional in the real estate, property development and vacation rental business for over 20 years, Suzie founded IVHE in 2003 to offer a home exchange site that offered flexibility and choice combined with excellent service. Her emphasis is always on providing a high level of service combined with a personal touch for all our home exchange members.

Larry Klimczyk, Executive Director
Larry joins us with years of international experience in both technology and transportation. Having worked in over 40 countries he is expanding our options around the globe.

Annette, Technical Director
Annette is responsible for all technical aspects of the International Vacation Home Exchange site and is always on hand ensuring that the website works perfectly.  

Jacqueline Tongko, Members Consultant
Jacque is our enthusiastic Member consultant. Jacque is responsible for membership promotions and sales. She provides a great welcome service for our new members helping them every step of the way to get started. Jacqueline is always looking for new home exchange members with lovely properties She is happy to walk you through  how the trades and exchanges work, ready to answer your questions, and ensure that your IVHE trades and exchanges is a fantastic experience.

Home Exchange Dedicated Trade Coordinators; Jenny and Sally
Jenny, Sally and Jod organise your home exchanges and trades and make sure that all goes smoothly. They take great pride in getting to know our home exchange members personally, providing them with the highest possible levels of personal service.

Karla, Travel Resercher
As a travel researcher Karla will spend some time researching anything you would like to know about your destination once a trade has been agreed: restaurants, theatre, shopping, local transportation or anything else that captures your interest.
A travel researcher is different from a concierge service, generally not making the actual booking, but saving you lots of time in researching the location you will be visiting.

Some faqs

Is my property safe when home exchanging?

How many exchanges / trades would I get in a year?

Does my property qualify for IVHE Home Exchanges?

Do you do direct home exchanges?

Suzie Magnus- Founder

Suzie Magnus- founder of IVHE-vacation home exchange

A fab boutique swap

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#0511: Puerto Rico, Puerto Rico, Carolina

Our aims

Things we do differently

We offer a personal service to all members, by getting involved in arranging your trade/exchange both before and after. Do Direct Swaps OR Credit Trades.
Our credit/points system means that you do NOT have to arrange a simultaneous home exchange with another member, giving you greater flexibility with your holiday plans.

Making direct exchange offer is simple: From your members area send a note to the owner of the property you are interested in to find out if they would like to do a home swap with you property, if not, consider our:

Non-simultaneous home exchange: The timing of your holiday is not guided by anyone else's schedule. You may want a one-week stay while another member may want a two-week stay at your property. International Vacation Home Exchange makes this possible.

Lots of different choices: Your property can be exchanged with any type or size of property using our credits/points system. You do not have to exchange on a like-for-like basis, giving you greater flexibility and more interesting choices. This means, as an example, you can trade your exclusive 5 bedroom Caribbean paradise for a smaller 2 bedroom luxury apartment in London while still having remaining credits to use on another vacation.

Home exchange in lots of locations: You can stay anywhere in the world, with our online home swap system. You are not limited with an exchange to a place you do not want to go to or have visited already.

Different seasons: There are choices all over the world. The seasons vary in different parts of the world. Whether you're seeking sun or snow, the world is your playground, year-round!

Expectations: As you do not need to exchange properties on a like-for-like basis, this helps to remove the obvious comparisons that may be made between homes. Try something new!

We are aware our fees are different to the conventional home exchange listing sites but then so are our services. We want to offer something different, combining Internet technology with a  personal service giving our members the best possible home exchange experience.

We will send send reminders to leave feedback after a trade to both host and guest after an exchange, and will keep records of these.  This will be available to other members.

Our commitment

  1. We search for the right properties for you, high quality in both well-travelled, exotic areas. We are not looking for thousands of listings in locations where people do not want to travel. International Vacation Home Exchange will not suit everyone. We are looking for quality and quantity, but not volume.
  2. Your details are safe with us. We will keep a database of our members and their credit accounts, IVHE website is protected by McAfee and we will never share any personal information with third parties.
  3. , We will keep the website up-to-date with as much information as possible to make your search easy and fulfilling.
  4. We aim to respond to e-mails or phone enquiries in less than 24 hours, and would like members to do the same where possible. We are happy to make phone enquiries.
  5. If we do not have a member in the location you would like to visit, let us know and we will put every effort into finding a new property owner in that area.
  6. We will send reminders to leave feedback after a trade to both host and guest after an exchange, and will keep records of these. This will be available to other members.
  7. Although we cannot take responsibility for things going wrong, we will take any complaints very seriously and investigate as thoroughly as possible. Any members that have given false or misleading information about their property could end up losing credits and their membership.
  8. All members agree to be responsible for any damage that might incur during their stay in a property, and any member failing to honour this commitment in a manner satisfactory to all concerned will lose their membership. Members will need to agree to our Terms and Conditions, which covers all of the requirements above.
  9. We expect high integrity and honesty, as misleading information will come out in the feedback forms.

We hope the above has answered most of your questions, if you have any that we haven't covered please e-mail us or fill in our online form.

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What our members say

We had a wonderful time at in Mexico in  the little beachfront paradise. The rooms were lovely and the food at the restaurant was top quality and delicious.  Thanks so much for assisting us with this trade. We want to go back next year! 

Jane & Glenn 10 Nov 2013 #0524

We returned in mid-June from a fantastic trip to London and Copenhagen. My husband commented on the trip, "This is the only way we are going to travel from now on!" I agree!

Sommer 04 Jul 2013 #0699

We had a wonderful time in St Martin! An amazing property! WOW- Thank you again for another great holiday!

Lillybeth 13 Jun 2013 #0511, #0509

IVHE is a wonderful organisation and has helped us connect with fellow members across the world. My partner and I thoroughly recommend joining IVHE as it is one of the best, most effective exchange websites in existence. Over the years we've tried using other exchange sites but IVHE is consistently the best. Thanks to IVHE we have stayed in wonderful vacation properties all over the world.

Richard #0428

Becoming a member of IVHE has really changed the way we travel. We have saved a lot of money and stayed in some great locations, in high quality homes. The IVHE system is so much bettter than a simultaneous exchange as you can choose from a wide range of homes and travel whenever you want. Communication with IVHE is excellent, always prompt and personal. I highly recommend travelling this way!

Gayle #0576, #0539

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

IVHE is a wonderful way to experience the world from the vantage point of someone's own home. Dealing with IVHE has been stress-free, professional and very efficient. The value proposition is excellent and I highly recommend Suzie and her organization.

Barbara 23 Jul 2011 #0402

We enjoy the feeling of IVHE being a member's club and have been lucky enough to meet more like minded owners. Not to forget the very real financial advantage that these swaps have gained us. Being able to leverage the rental value of our house in this way is decidedly to our benefit.

Pat 01 Nov 2011

I highly recommend IVHE as an international home exchange service. It offers a different concept. It has allowed us to explore so many different places. The service has been phenomenal, it is very personal and very prompt and in the two years we've had nothing but excellent results from IVHE.

Susan 31 Oct 2011 #0128

It felt like we were visiting friends.It was my first trade request with IVHE club and I was very impressed how simple and stress-free was the booking.

Olga 11 Feb 2009 #0480

We can highly recommend the personal service offered by IVHE - it is a cut above the services offered by other home exchange organisations. We were very reassured by the fact that Suzie Magnus had obviously spoken extensively to so many of the members on the website, so that she had gained an idea of each person's needs and offerings.

Susan and Peter 11 Feb 2009 #0824, #0154

It was great to have had the opportunity of a good conversation with IVHE with first hand knowledge of the area, full of helpful advice about the town, the expected climate conditions for the time of year, etc.. This helped us greatly in deciding which of the IVHE villas to go for.


Three IVHE exchanges. All three way way beyond our expectations, absolutely gorgeous. Great locations, really nice clean units and the credits required were extremely reasonable so I couldn't be more pleased, and I have been a house exchanger for twenty five years, before the computerised version of it!

James #0185

First exchange with IVHE location was very convenient, we could walk or take the city bus anywhere in Auckland. Cottage was well furnished and comfortable. Highly recommend this exchange programme to others.

Don #0489

Had very good service, the people are very responsive when you have questions. Have exchanged twice now. Beautiful property, owners were very accommodating, let us know all the restaurant and all the things you could do. I have also exchanged my property a couple of time with no problems. Been a very good experience with IVHE.

Russ #0569

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

The beauty of IVHE is that the trades do not need to be simultaneous. Hence, you can offer your home and 'bank' points to be used later, or use other homes and have yours available at a different time. I have found Suzie to be highly professional, communicative, and detail-oriented, providing the highest caliber of service while maintaining a warm,'personal' touch. I highly recommend this service to anyone.

Meredith 31 Aug 2011 #0332

IVHE, is the most rewarding and innovative organisation for anyone, around the globe, that own's a second property and loves to travel the world. Believe me, you'll love it - www.ivhe.com!

Larry 18 Dec 2010 #0446

Top qualities: Expert, High Integrity, Creative

Suzie is at the heart of IVHE an international home exchange concept that offers so much more than a mere introductory exchange service. Inventive and superb at solving issues that do not fit into boxes.

Charles #0756, #0625, #0568, #0567, #0318

Agreed to exchange- Next step

RENTAL property Home Exchange for YOUR vacation and save thousands

Using your own vacation rental property to go on fantastic vacations elsewhere is really a ‘no brainer’. Home exchanging has become very popular but it is yet to spread to the vacation rental and hotel market.

One of the comments I hear often form people with vacation homes, ‘I need to use it to make it worthwhile’, with home swapping you travel Guilt free and add spice to your travels!  By using your holiday rental property also as a home exchange property, no longer will you feel obliged to always visit your own property. By exchanging you can vary your type of vacation travel- around the world. As an example you could ‘house swap’ your Caribbean beach property for a luxury house exchange in London. Not all exchanges need to me on the other side of the world..  Maybe ski someone else's mountain for a change just a few hours away from home.

Save Money: Making your vacation rental available for hosting other members means that your property can be used when otherwise it might be standing empty. Add to that the fact that home swaps are the same as having friends & family stay in your property  and is not subject to tax  giving you extra $$$ in your pocket to spend on your next vacation!

Security: We all know a property is better off occupied than sitting empty with hosting a home exchange guest you have the reassurance of having someone stay in your property, using a luxury home swap  service provides the peace of mind of professional house  exchange contracts, references on your guests and feedback.

Like-minded home exchange trade partners: Using a reputable network like IVHE means you will be trading/swapping with other second-property owners who understand your concerns and who will take care of your property as if it were their own. find out how you too can love home swaps and trades with IVHE.

Home Swaps Kitchen tips

* Kitchen: There is no need to clear out all cupboards, in fact it is very nice and useful for your guests if there are  some basics (eg flour, oil, dried herbs) in the kitchen for your home exchange guest to use. Essentials should be included whenever possible, as you know from your own travels arriving somewhere with nothing in the cupboards is a bit of a pain, having to buy a big bag of sugar for a couple of cups of coffee etc. So for a cheap price but a very nice thing to do is have the basics there, sugar, salt, pepper, coffee, tea etc. Remove or simply leave a note about items that you do not wish to be used, best would be if you put them on a separate shelf, leaving at least 1 shelf for your guests own supplies, similarly items you leave in the fridge, please move them to a top shelf if you do not want them used and leave a note saying so.
Do have look though the use by dates and though out any that have passed their prime. It is nice for your home swap guests to have a bit of space in a cupboard and fridge for their own food supplies. There is a general courtesy code of ‘replace what you use’ this does not mean going out to by the kilo of sugar to replace the few spoonfuls you have used, but if you have used a selection of things or a fair amount of something like olive oil, leave something for it, this may be the bottle of oil or a packet of coffee. A welcome pack is always very welcome or if possible ask your guest if there is a small shopping list that you can arrange for them, particularly well received by guest travelling long distances, arriving late in the evening and from different time zones, a welcome pack could include; milk, bread, orange juice, eggs, butter.

Like the rest of the house, it is very important not to have too much clutter in the Kitchen, leaving a clutter free and clean kitchen is really important. Most kitchen appliances are fairly standard but it is worth leaving a folder with the instruction booklets as there are global differences, north American dishwashers tend to be big and quite simple, many US guest going to a small apartment in a European city could easily find themselves looking at a half size dishwasher with up to 10 programs! It is also fairly common for Europeans to have their washing machine in the kitchen, which should always have at least basic instructions included.

Home Swap Agreed- The Next Step

Once you have exchanged Agreements and both you and your exchange partner are ready, there are several ways to help make your home swap/trade as successful as possible.  As you know how tricky it can be trying to find your way around a home the first time you visit, here are a few tips to make the home go smoothly  when exchanging your main home or non-rental vacation property.

  •  First step- Communicate! With today’s high speed internet, email and Skype, you can build a relationship with your home exchange partner well before the exchange or trade takes place. Communicating is important whether you are doing a direct swap or a trade, or if you will have the opportunity or not to meet in person. Ensure your guests know all the important details such as directions to your property, how is access and keys arranged and maybe a friendly local who can be on hand to answer any questions that might come up..
  • Making your guests feel welcome and at home: Little touches such as a milk left in the fridge or a bunch of flowers will be much appreciated by your guests especially if they are arriving from a further afield. Of course this is not always possible, if it is a vacation property and the host has not just been there. Equally a little thank you note or small gesture from the guest would also be very welcome.
  • Leave instructions: It can be a challenge to work out how to use other people's electrical appliances, especially in a foreign country!
  • Be prepared: Accidents can happen, it is sensible to put away breakable valuables or items with sentimental value so they cannot be accidentally knocked over.

Home exchanging is a fantastic way to save huge amount of money and to become immersed in other cultures and explore new corners of the world. It really is very easy! 

Tropical dreams

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#0675: Thailand, Um Chan, Udon Thani

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