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IVHE has helped us connect with fellow members across the world. My partner and I thoroughly recommend joining IVHE as it is one of the best, most effective exchange websites in existence.  Thanks to IVHE we have stayed in wonderful vacation properties all over the world.

Richard #0428

I highly recommend IVHE as an international home exchange service. It offers a different concept. We've  explored so many different places. The service has been phenomenal, very personal and prompt and we've had only excellent results from IVHE.

Susan Kelly #0128


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The IVHE team were incredibly helpful from the beginning to locate the accommodation and to provide additional concierge services that added to our experience of the area . 

Charles B #0756, #0625, #0568, #0567, #0318

The support from the IVHE team was superb. 
Our experience was - simple and hassle-free : almost as if we had been lent the property by an old friend.

Gary and Wendy V #0566

Thanks so much for assisting us with this trade. We had a wonderful time at in Mexico in  the little beachfront paradise. We want to go back next year! 

Jane & Glenn #0524

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You have a choice to do direct home exchange/swaps or use our unique credit system to make non-simultaneous home exchanges possible. Credits are built up every time other members stay in your property. You use your credits to choose from an exquisite selection of luxury villas, boutique hotels, city condos, ski apartments, chalets, safari game lodges, log cabins and even yachts all owned by IVHE Vacation Home Exchange members. We provide you year-round access to luxury vacation homes, all in prime travel destinations. Read more...

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We returned from a fantastic IVHE home exchange trip to London and Copenhagen. My husband commented on the trip, "This is the only way we are going to travel from now on!" I agree!

Sommer 04 Jul 2013 #0699

The IVHE team were incredibly helpful from the beginning to locate the accommodation and to provide additional concierge services that added to our experience of the area . 

Charles B #0756, #0625, #0568, #0567, #0318

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PEI- Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island (or PEI to the natives) bears the distinction of being the smallest province in Canada, whether you’re measuring by land area or by population. Don’t let the size fool you, though; what Prince Edward Island lacks in sheer volume it more than makes up for in character and beauty. This is a superbly unique island with some outstanding features you just can’t find any place else in the world. There are miles of scenic beaches for lounging or shorebird watching, a myriad of winding trails that suit nature lovers and history buffs alike, and all manner of parks throughout the province. PEI is nestled along the Eastern coast of Canada and remains a haven of unadulterated nature and beauty, a perfect location for an exclusive vacation home exchange.

                The magic of Prince Edward Island has long been storied, perhaps most famously by the 1908 publication of Anne of Green Gables, which takes place on the island paradise. There are well over a thousand kilometers of beautiful coastline and iconic red sandstone cliffs that make for quite a picturesque scene. PEI is more than just a pretty face, though. The stunning beauty of the island aside, it also has quite a rich history to offer. The island holds the distinction of being the birthplace of Confederation and a rich tapestry of culture throughout history. Archeologists have unearthed evidence of the civilizations of indigenous peoples, the Mi’kmaq, that dates back many thousands of years. It’s safe to say that people have seen the beauty in Prince Edward Island for quite some time.

                Taking a holiday on Prince Edward Island is guaranteed to be a great experience, whether you’re a beach bum, a history buff, a hiker, or simply appreciate island life and the beauty of an amazing sunset. Perhaps the best way to get on island time is a home exchange, where you get all of the comforts of home in a new and exotic location. IVHE.com has luxury properties in Prince Edward Island and the surrounding areas. While there are plenty of excellent luxury homes available for exchange, if there is one that truly embodies the uniqueness and the beauty of the island, it is most certainly the iconic “Round House.”

                This home exchange has all of the qualities that have captivated visitors to PEI; it has beauty, sophistication, and a flare for the uncommon. This home offers truly stunning 360 degree views so that visitors can soak in all of the scenery that’s made the island such a name. As if that wasn’t cool enough, the home itself actually rotates slowly throughout the day, so each room can experience all that the gorgeous landscape has to offer. It’s hard to imagine, let alone to picture yourself living in the world’s first luxury rotating home, but it’s actually available for exchange. Seeing is believing, of course, so you may need to check out their video to get the full effect.

PEI is a wonderful place for hiking and golfing.  There can be no better way to spend your next holiday than in this truly exclusive vacation home. Just like the historically significant, culturally rich, and outstandingly pretty land that it sits on, this luxury home exchange property is truly one of a kind. Prince Edward Island is one of the most exquisite places in North America, with sprawling beaches, breathtaking cliffs, a vibrant community, and one of the coolest vacation homes around. 

The Idyll Mouse One

This fantastic Florida luxury vacation home (in part Disney-themed) is perfect for that greatly anticipated family vacation (if not greatly anticipated by you, then definitely by your kids).  Just 3 miles from Disney World®, you’ll have all the comforts of home in a fun, child-centered atmosphere (don’t worry—there’s a pool and much-needed hot tub for Mom and Dad).

For the Kids

The Safari Room, as it’s aptly named, has 2 twin beds with decorative busts of animals above the evocative, safari headboards.  Decorated in darker hues, it’s perfect for boys or anyone with a sense of adventure.

Another bedroom, Disney-themed, has a bunkbed and delightful, stuffed animals.  After a day at Disney World®, you are sure to create memories by letting your children see the likes of Mikey Mouse, Mini Mouse, and Pluto before drifting off to sleep.

If the kids haven’t worn themselves out with fun, there is even a garage game room!  If it happens to rain, this will keep them entertained along with a Disney video collection.

This exclusive vacation home is even outfitted with a play crib, 2 highchairs, 2 strollers, a baby monitor, a Play Station 2, and a children’s play area with table and chairs.

For Mom and Dad

There are 2 master bedrooms, each with their own private bath.  One of the master bedrooms, decorated in blue and white with a Florida-themed wicker headboard, will be a great place to wake up to face the day at the theme parks.  The other master bedroom, also decorated primarily in blue and white, will help you greet the Florida mornings invigorated.

There is a little breakfast area for Mom and Dad to have a quiet cup of coffee in the morning (or just some quiet).

For Mom, Dad, and the Kids

All will feel welcome in the main entry with a white tile floor and 2 mirrors.

The living room, while warm and sophisticated, has a touch of whimsy with a decorative Mickey Mouse wall decoration.  The kitchen has ample counter space and is touched gently with Walt Disney as well.  The dining area at first glance seems typical, but upon closer examination one can see stylized pictures of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, perfect for a vacation home exchange.

Considering Car/Vehicle trade-Exchange?

If you are considering swapping cars, boats, ski-doo's etc always check with your insurance company that your guests will be covered in the unfortunate event of something going wrong. There are some countries that are fine for occasional guest drivers to use vehicles, especially if the guest has a driving licence from the same country. Others countries  are less helpful, as an example most British car insurance companies will have options like ‘any driver over 25’ but those driver need to have UK licences, adding drivers to the insurance is sometimes an option but again not always acceptable from a different country.

When considering the driving option in a foreign country consider the usual differences, outside of North America most cars are not automatic, this can be a major problem if not used to using a car with gears.

Make sure you look though different traffic signals and laws.

In some countries there are obvious local ways of driving; sometimes it is safer to drive like a local even when it does not seem the safest option.

With the ease of the internet, it is easy to find out about local driving ways.

When renting a car, typically it is cheaper to pre book a car online, always read the small print carefully. Car rentals are notorious for not having clear pricing policies. 

This quaint and well-appointed detached chalet offers 180 square meters of living space on a spacious 505 square meter lot for an exclusive home swap. Relax by the fireplace in the large living room or retire to any one of the property’s four bedrooms. This homey luxury chalet also features two bathrooms and can sleep up to six, so bringing the family along is no challenge. The large kitchen offers plenty of counter space to whip up a real home cooked meal. The property also features two porches and a covered garage, giving this luxury vacation home exchange all of the comforts of home. The furniture throughout the chalet is all very high-quality.

Though you may be tempted to relax on the porch for quite some time, when you do decide to venture out into Espartinas, you won’t be disappointed. The charming city of nearly 10,000 sits within the province of Seville in Andalucia. For those looking for site seeing adventures, there are plenty of landmarks in the area that should be on your must-see list. Take in the history of the famed Seville Cathedral, dating back to the 12th century; look upwards towards the La Giralda Tower that was once the minaret of the Arab mosque; or feel like royalty as you tour the Real Alcazar Palace.

Aside from the landmarks, Seville is a site to behold. Many cultures and civilizations have called it home. Live like a true local as you stroll the bustling streets on your way to enjoy tapas, shopping, an art museum, the theatre, a bar, or even a theme park. Seville vibrant night life and a great many attractions, both modern and historical. The Tartessians, Romans, and Moors all had a hand in the rich history of the area; once you’ve taken in all that Seville has to offer, you’ll likely understand the attraction. Today, Seville is a bustling province that has something for everyone, from flamenco guitar to opera and from gazpacho to manzanillia sherry. Whether you’re touring the historic gardens or taking advantage of the great many shops, you’re sure to have a day well spent in Seville.

After you’ve exhausted yourself with all the fun, relaxing in the spacious living room of your luxury chalet, perfect for a vacation home exchange, will make for a great ending to a picture perfect day!