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The IVHE team were incredibly helpful from the beginning to locate the accommodation and to provide additional concierge services that added to our experience of the area . 

Charles B #0756, #0625, #0568, #0567, #0318

The support from the IVHE team was superb. 
Our experience was - simple and hassle-free : almost as if we had been lent the property by an old friend.

Gary and Wendy V #0566

Thanks so much for assisting us with this trade. We had a wonderful time at in Mexico in  the little beachfront paradise. We want to go back next year! 

Jane & Glenn #0524

We are different - More than an ordinary home swap

Credit trades, Non- Simultaneous and Simultaneous Exchanges

You have a choice, to do direct home exchange/swaps or use Our unique credit system makes non-simultaneous home exchange possible. Credits are built up every time other members stay in your property. You use your credits to choose from an exquisite selection of luxury villas, boutique hotels, city condos, ski apartments, chalets, safari game lodges, log cabins and even yachts all owned by IVHE Vacation Home Exchange members. We provide you year-round access to luxury vacation homes, all in prime travel destinations. Read more...

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  • Maximize your current investment - Trade empty periods at your property into luxury vacations.
  • Personal service - Our trade coordinator team are there to look after you as a member and arrange your exclusive exchanges.
  • Non-simultaneous vacation home exchanges - The timing of your vacation is not guided by anyone else's time and it can be non-reciprocal giving you more flexibility for your vacation plans.
  • Direct Exchanges, contact the owner to arrange a direct home swap securely via your member's area, no personal details what so ever are shared until you are ready to do so.
  • Security - NEW a 4 Star Verification. Know you are part of an exclusive member’s  community and that guests to your house are like-minded property owners. You have professional home exchange contracts, verification by call, personal & Property ID, experienced exchanger.
  • Lots of options - Your luxury property can be used for exclusive vacation home exchanges with any size or type of property, using our versatile and fair credit system. You do not need to exchange on a like-for-like basis, giving you greater and more interesting choices.
  • Location - You can stay in any property within our global luxury home exchange network. IVHE's non-reciprocal trading gives you the freedom to choose your location without the ties of a direct home swap.

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We returned from a fantastic IVHE home exchange trip to London and Copenhagen. My husband commented on the trip, "This is the only way we are going to travel from now on!" I agree!

Sommer 04 Jul 2013 #0699

The IVHE team were incredibly helpful from the beginning to locate the accommodation and to provide additional concierge services that added to our experience of the area . 

Charles B #0756, #0625, #0568, #0567, #0318

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IVHE Home Exchange supports Mercy Corps.
Mercy Corps, is a highly respected international relief and development charity, that helps more than 14 million people each year recover from disasters, providing emergency relief in times of crisis, helps to build stronger communities and find their own solutions to poverty.
Mercy Corps look for innovation that creates major breakthroughs against poverty and create lasting change. For information on Mercy Corps visit www.mercycorps.org.uk or www.mercycorps.org

Central African Republic
The Central African Republic is going through a time of religious and ethnic violence. Families have lost everything and thousands have become refugees in makeshift sites.

With such a terrible situation you can often feel helpless but because of yourcommitment we are taking action and saving lives:
As well as continuing our projects to lift families out of poverty we are operating mobile services, visiting sites to help prevent gender based violence and assist vulnerable women and children.  Female community members we've trained are busy raising awareness about hygiene and supporting children at safe spaces in overcrowded sites.
We couldn't do this without your support - your geneorsity really does change lives!THANK YOU.

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Considering Car/Vehicle trade-Exchange?

If you are considering swapping cars, boats, ski-doo's etc always check with your insurance company that your guests will be covered in the unfortunate event of something going wrong. There are some countries that are fine for occasional guest drivers to use vehicles, especially if the guest has a driving licence from the same country. Others countries  are less helpful, as an example most British car insurance companies will have options like ‘any driver over 25’ but those driver need to have UK licences, adding drivers to the insurance is sometimes an option but again not always acceptable from a different country.

When considering the driving option in a foreign country consider the usual differences, outside of North America most cars are not automatic, this can be a major problem if not used to using a car with gears.

Make sure you look though different traffic signals and laws.

In some countries there are obvious local ways of driving; sometimes it is safer to drive like a local even when it does not seem the safest option.

With the ease of the internet, it is easy to find out about local driving ways.

When renting a car, typically it is cheaper to pre book a car online, always read the small print carefully. Car rentals are notorious for not having clear pricing policies. 

Featured Home Exchange Property #0677 & 0692 Pembrokshire, Whales, United Kingdom

Visiting Wales is always a pleasure.  The stunning beauty of the landscape, friendliness of the people and of course the tasty freshness in all the food makes Wales one of my favorite locations in the United Kingdom.  

This trip we headed for Pembrokeshire in Southwest Wales.  For ramblers (walkers) the Pembrokeshire Coast Path National Trail twists and turns its way over 186 miles of the most breathtaking coastal scenery in Britain.  Much of the path is quite near the coast; in fact you cross nearly 30 beaches.   When not walking on sand, you might be at the top of a stunning cliff.   Most fit walkers will be enjoy the challenge of the ‘ups and downs’ the trail presents as at the top, the views can be stunning.  It has been said that the total ascent and decent along the trail is over 35,000 feet, equivalent to climbing Mt Everest – just in much shorter and less steep sections.   

There is a vast array of costal flowers and birds to keep your eye busy.  Of course my favorite is to catch a glimpse of bottlenose dolphins that live around Cardigan Bay.   For those wanting to get closer, during the summer months, there are sightseeing boat tours.   Elsewhere along your route you can encounter seals and occasionally spot a whale off the coast. 

A treasure of a find is the village of Tenby.   The Welsh name Dinbych-y-pysgod, translates to little fortress of the fish.  With a history back to the 9th Century, the town today known for both its 13th Century medieval town walls including the Five Arches barbican gatehouse.  Notable history during the Wars of the Roses, Henry Tudor (the future King Henry VII)  stayed within Tenby’s sheltered walls before sailing into exile in 1471.  In the 1800’s the town had a revival as a spa town.   The Victorian  architecture has been retained and maintained, often in a light pastel color scheme, giving the town a feel of being on the French Riviera.

A very local treat is finding Caws Cenarth (http://www.cawscenarth.co.uk) organic cheeses.   Carwyn, the son of the founders now running the business, treated us with sampling many of his very wonderful cheeses.   We really enjoyed learning about his farm and cheese business as he shared with us the origin of many of the flavorful delights.   Though known for their cheese, ask about his chorizo, excellent!

As a member of International Vacation Home Exchange, IVHE, you can enjoy staying a range of country cottages (home exchange properties 0677 and 0692). 

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By introducing a new member to IVHE you receive 5 free credits (worth $500 of vacation time) for each qualifying new member joining, which results in a live property listing.   There is no limit to how many new members you can refer, thus no limit to how many credites you can earn. 

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